Alien Breed 92 (aka AB Special Edition)

Title		Alien Breed 92 (aka AB Special Edition)
Publisher       Team 17
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1-2
Compatibility	All
HD Install	Patch available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

       The first in the series of the fabulous Alien Breed games, tweaked
into a Special Edition release.

   This game is basically a shooting game with some puzzle elements thrown in
for good measure. You can move both horizontally and vertically through the
mazes killing as many alien creatures as possible. The game is viewed from
overhead and the object is to kill the aliens while trying to get to the exit.
Along the way you will have to collect keys which will allow you to get past
locked doors. There is also lots of money to collect which will allow you to
buy anything from new and better weapons to ammo to better shields. Before you
are able to buy anything you have to access the computer terminal. These are
fixed locations throughout the different levels. Once found you just press the
spacebar to access it.

   The game can be played as a 1 or 2 player and both are a lot of fun. You
move your man through the connecting mazes while either shooting or avoiding
the alien creatures. If a creature touches you, you will lose some energy. If
you have some keys, then just moving into a locked door will open it. Some
doors lead to nowhere but most have ammo, money, or keys behind them. Once you
find the exit, you are given a code which will allow you to play the game from
the last level you completed. It's not the greatest method for being able to
continue a game but it's better than nothing. Each level varies nicely and has
different enemies and objectives for you to complete. The game is very hard!
The enemies keep attacking you and it seems that you can never kill them all.
Powering up you weapons is a MUST if you want to get far into the game.

   The graphics are excellent and so is the sound, but it's the playability
that really makes this a great game. It's just so playable. The game just
reeks of quality throughout. There is lots of sampled speech that adds a nice
atmosphere to the game. The game does have a high difficulty level but if
you stick with it you will eventually progress. Everything moves very smoothly
but I did find that the collision detection is a bit off. It's only a minor
niggle but you will notice it.

   In conclusion, This is a very good game. It's not great but it set the
standard for the sequels that later appeared. It is a shooting game but is
done in a way that is different from most shooting games because of the puzzle
elements. It's a very challanging game and you will get absorbed playing. The
2 player mode is a great feature but its still a very good 1 player game. This
game definetly deservers a place in your software collection and is one of
those games that you will go back to playing time and time again.

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