The Addams Family

Title		The Addams Family
Game Type       Platform
Company		Ocean Software (1992)
Players		1
Compatibility	All (With Patch)
HD Installable  Yes (With Patch)
Submission	Shane Armstrong

"Here we go again with another platform game from Ocean"............That's
what a lot of you out there may have thought when you initially heard
about this game back in 1992, but hold on just one minute, this was a
complete exception to the Ocean "Oh we've got the money let's just
knock out another crap platform game" rule...

This in my opinion was the Amiga equivalent to Mario and Sonic, I first
played this game on a demo given with Amiga Format (I think it was that
mag, it has been a while!!), and although it was only a one level demo it
had me completely hooked, I played it at that time every night for about
a fortnight, just longing to get my hands on the full version, which by
the way did not disappoint. This game totally redefined platforming on the
Amiga, it had playability that has not been in a platform game on the
Amiga, bar maybe Superfrog, and as I have said, Ocean seemed to just throw
out any old game at that time just because it had a good license, and
sadly they must have sold well, because they could keep knocking them out
regardless of how well the game played. The graphics on many Ocean
games weren't anything to shout about either, so this game was a really
wonderful surprise. Anyways enough of my bitching about Ocean, I love them
really, with this game, Epic, Robocop 3 etc. I can forgive them a "few"

The Addams Family was a multi scrolling platform game, in that sense I
mean that you weren't pushed from left to right but you could go up, down
and left to right to reach your goal, which was to find members of your
family that had been kidnapped by some unknown force and placed in
locations in and around the grounds of the Addams Family mansion. However
whether it be in the graveyard of the mansion or within it's walls, this
game was huge, and I mean massive, I have no idea how many levels there
were, just trust me that there are well over 100 and that's not including
all the secret rooms and areas, so be willing to put in some serious time
to this game. You will though once you play it for the first time, the
graphics are cute and chunky, the music is a remixed theme from the motion
picture, and the gameplay is absolutely spot on, if you have ever played
Mario then you are not far off what this game is about. The main character
(Gomez - The "Dad" of the family) has to jump on the baddies head's just
like in Mario and Sonic to kill them and progress to the next area of the

The settings are suitably gothic, owing to the original theme of the
movie, which includes ghosts, zombies, werewolves etc. etc. There are many
of these baddies with varying degrees of movement and durability to
dispose of in the game, and getting to an area that you had previously
been stuck at before is a joy.

Overall this was a fantastic Ocean license and in my opinion is hugely
underrated, so if you now have the chance to play it I sincerely advise
you to give it a go, as this is Amiga gaming at it's very, very best.

Why can't they make games these days that play like this!!??

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