Another World

Title           Another World
Publisher       Delphine (1991)
                ['Classic Collection - Delphine', Delphine/Kixx (1994)]
Game Type       Action Adventure
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   All Amigas (but only from PAL or NTSC WB)
Submission      Dennis Smith Profiled Reviewer

Another World is a classic action adventure - a fast moving platform
game requiring both quick reactions and a little thought, at the same time
telling a story. One of a particle physicist thrown into an alien world by
a fluke accident caused when lightning struck his accelerator during a
crucial experiment - as detailed by the excellent intro sequence. Adherence
to the story is perhaps the biggest gameplay flaw; the game is very linear
and you seldom feel like you have a choice in what you do. You simply
discover what is required of you and try to do it. On top of that, you only
have one life, and although you can carry on from the beginning of each
separate part of the plot you'll find yourself having to go through the
same parts of the game again and again and again before you manage the
clever trick which progresses you to the next part. All said, the game is
very well put together, with well animated polygon characters, reminiscent
of 'Prince of Persia', and has great animated cut-sequences between
game sections. In the long run you'll find that from start to finish the
game is actually fairly short, and having finished, that it lacks replay
value (because of its linearity). But it's a good game nonetheless. However
it was completely overshadowed by its successor, Flashback.

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