AV8B Harrier Assault

Title		AV8B Harrier Assault
Game Type	Flight Sim
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Company		Domark
Submission	ford@syix.com

AV8B Harrier Assault by Domark
A strategic flight simulation.

And strategic it is.
Sure you can fly the world famous Harrier. But you must also take control
of your ground and navel forces as well. Planing out all the moves of an
attack force on a small, well defended enemy island.

The flight modeling of the AV8B is superb. Especially if you use an
analog joystick and ruder pedals. Yet, even with out those the sim is
very flyable and -very- enjoyable.

The GUI is good. A bit tricky in places and even a bit annoying at times,
but the intensity of the game keeps you riveted to your intentions and
you soon learn how to use the GUI with ease.

The grfx.. Well.... They range from very good to excellent for a non AGA

The Artificial Intelligence is wonderful. Select your difficulty level and
off you go. The AI will do it's best to destroy you but you are too smart
for it. Aren't you?

All-in-all, AV8B Harrier Assault by Domark is an excellent buy if you
like flight sims and strategic war games. If you don't like to fly,
you can always choose to play the game as the commander of the strike
force and let the AI fly the missions.

Bottom line:
            AV8B Harrier Assault.  One of the best!

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