Aunt Arctic Adventure

Title		Aunt Arctic Adventure
Game Type	Platform
Company		Mindware International
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	1.3  (as far as I know)
Submission	Charlene

  One of my first games on the Amiga.  I was very impressed with this
game.  The "plot" is probably  standard for the genre;  you, (Charlie the
Chimp) must rescue your aunt who has been kidnapped by Big Borus, taken to
the Arctic and forced to work as a circus performer. Your friend (if you
are playing with one) is Penquin Pete.  You may use your mouse, joystick
or keyboard to play.  The graphics are very well done and the music is
excellent.  It has an island quality on some levels, and an ominous sound
on the darker levels.  You will encounter several "baddies" on your quest:
Nasty penguins, huge spider mums with their equally dangerous babies, and
hostile Eskimos, among a few other surprises.  There are invisible walls
and ropes to swing to and hurdles to jump, among the assortment.  Timing is
usually very important as well as just figuring out where to go next!

   There are 50 levels of this joyous chaos, each one is 4 by 4 screens
large.  It requires quick reflexes as well as logic puzzle-solving skills.
Overall, a game of great diversity and scope.  Also very do-able if you
are determined. Even though it's an older game, I would give it an overall
93%...if you like a good platformer!

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