4D Sports Driving

Title           4D Sports Driving
Game Type       Driving
Company		Electronic Arts
Players         1
Compatibility   All
Submission      Richard Byrne



 4d Sports must be one of the first ever polygon car games for the AMIGA -
it even has A1000 compatibility, but can be coaxed to work on most systems
- even (as I am fond of mentioning :) mine. Unfotunately this game suffers
mostly from its age, as there is nothing wrong (as such) with it, however
many of the features a player would expect these days - 2player, textures,
real 3d, serial play, etc are not present.

 What the game does have is a large selection of cars, eight different
computer opponents, a GOOD track editor, and a bunch of running options,
and they do enough to convince you that if remade today, this would be one
of the finest driving games available on AMIGA. As it is though, the game
concentrates on being an arcade game with detail - there is no tyre choice
screen, but the cars handle brilliantly, and in such a way that you get
the impression of being able to `push` the circuit without the game being
unforgivingly difficult, as it undoubtedly would do if it tried to be a
sim. Races are against either the clock or one computer car.

 Unlike most driving games this one is set on stunt tracks, and so is full
of loops, corckscrews, ramps and jumps - many more actual stunts can be
aceived than in Stunt Car Racer, there are also different terrains which
can make up portions of the track. The 4D refers to the loaded replay
features, where you can replay the whole event from begining to end from a
variety of angles.

 Coloured and shaded polygon graphics make up the vehicles and scenery,
while the track (which can be at different levels) is plain grey tarmac,
white ice, brown mud and red & white rumble strips, some of the stunts
have a sort of see through grey mesh. The sound is typically minimal for a
racer - engine, tyre screech and crash sounds being the entire inventory.
Avoid the criminal music at all costs.

 A good solid racer, which does not feature grand prix (again) and all the
usual simulation baggage, although it is showing it`s age in the features
and graphics. I would recommend this game for the track editor and being a
fun non-top-down arcade racer.

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