4D Sports Boxing

Title           4D Sports Boxing
Game Type       Sport
Company		Electronic Arts
Players         1 or 2
Compatibility   All
Submission      Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This game is a Boxing simulation with polygon based sprites used to
make it feel like a 3 dimentional game. It's a nice try but doesn't quite

   You select from a number of fighters, each one having their own
strengths and weaknesses. You can either play against the computer or
another human opponent. My biggest gripe about the game is the
sluggishness and the control method. The game runs slow even on my 030
system. The control method seems very awkward to me also. I guess you can
get used to it but I still didn't like it.

   The game plays fairly well and is fun for a while. Your fighter goes
through training and increases his skills with every fight. You must try
to eventually beat the computer Champ, but you must go through a series of
fights with lesser opponents first. Once you feel that your fighter has
enough skills you can then face and try to beat the computer champ.

   The graphics are okay. They consists of polygons and look cartoony and
not realistic. The sound effects are very good however with some realistic
punching sounds and sampled speech. The fighters move sluggishly but can
be speeded up by lessening the graphic detail. There are a lot of options
in the game. The fight can be viewed from about 5 different angles,
including: Overhead, through your boxer's eyes, through the computer
boxer's eyes, or through the ref's eyes. This is a nice feature and looks
good but doesn't really affect the gameplay.

   In conclusion, this game was a nice try but turns out to be an average
game. If the game played faster then I would like it a little more. If you
want to play boxing on your Amiga then get the much better TV Sports Boxing.

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