Title	       1869
Game Type      Strategy
Players	       1
Compatibility  All
HD Installable Yes
Company	       Max Design/Flair Software
Submission     Stuart Wilson

As the name would suggest, this is a Sea Trader Simulation set initially
in 1869, in the same sort of mold as 'Pirates', but without the looting
and pillaging aspect. You start off in a small port, and it is your job as
head of your company to make it as profitable as possible within a certain
time limit, ranging from 5 to 25 years.

This is done via the usual import-export routine: Take raw materials from
far flung colonies, back to the 'Old World' where they can be processed
into goods and sold back to the colonies for a profit. This is more
interesting and much more challenging than it sounds. You obviously have
limited initial funding from the bank in the port of your choice. Also
there is a ship to purchase, then maintain; as well as looking after the
crew you'll need to sail it. The more you pay the crew, the better they
perform, the more reliable the ship and the happier everyone is, but the
lower your profit revenue. It can be very difficult to juggle the balance
between profit and loss, especially when you start off with a few
particularly poor ships.

The graphics themselves are colourful, at least on my A1200 system. The
play is centred on part of a map of the world. Right clicking on your home
port brings up a menu of small icons which control how you organise your
company: You can buy goods at shops, have them stored at your warehouse,
hire crew and buy ships. It has to be said that because the icons are so
small they can be a pain if viewed on a TV screen but should be fine on a
high resolution monitor.

If I had to fault this game though, it would be because of the tediousness
with which this sim is executed. You find yourself repeating the same old
boring cargo/passenger runs time after time, although my playtesting of
this was not really long enough to reap the fruits of my labours. This
will almost certainly appeal to fans of this particular genre, the
graphics are quite colourful and functional; the interface remarkably
simple once understood. However, the sound, as expected with a simulation
is pretty dire. And there is also the aggravating disk swaps to contend

Graphics: 76%
Sound:  34%
Playability: 81%
Addictiveness: 69%
Overall: 65%

Summary: A well executed game but will only really appeal to fans of this

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