Title           Knights
Game Type       Action Adventure
Players         1-2
Compatibility   AGA/ECS
Available	Aminet game/2play/Knights242.lha 242k
Submission      Steven Pearson

This game is fun. It isn't at first because there's just so much to take in, but
stick with it for an hour or two and I promise you this is one of the best games
ever created.

You are trapped in a randomly generated dungeon. Your only goal in life is to
escape from the dungeon. How you achieve this is decided by the Mission you
choose. All the missions revolve around searching the dungeon for some Hidden
Items and taking them to the exit point.

It's sounds boring until you realise your enemy is looking for the same items at
the same time and there are only enough items for one of you to escape. The best
way to get equipment off an opponent is to smash their skull in and steal the
items. How you smash their skull in is up to you. You can use the default sword
that every knight has, or you can search the dungeon for more powerful death
bringing instruments. An Axe that can not only be embedded in your enemys back
but also thrown. A high power Cross-Bow bringing unseen death from down a long
corridor, or the Knight's favourite the Hammer, Flattening enemies with 2 to 3
blows. You'd also better watch out for the dungeon's Vampire Bats who don't take
kindly to strangers. Some dark forces are at work in this dungeon and corpses
don't stay down for long. Don't die to often or you'll be over-run by Zombies.

To make things a little more interesting hidden in the dungeon are several
magical items. Potions, Scrolls and Altars.

They may render you Strong, Fast, Invisible and invulnerable. or even all four.
These come at the price of risking your life. Potions can poison and scrolls can
transform you into a Zombie.

This game has everything a game needs, FUN. It's graphics are functional, When a
zombie moans you can tell its a zombie when a man-trap is stepped in you can
tell your opponents in pain. Playability wise this game will last for-ever! This
is 2D Quake with missions.

I've saved this till last because it's the most ridiculous part of the game.
This game is only fun if you stick a piece of card in the middle of your monitor
to prevent your opponent from seeing your half of the screen and yourself from
seeing their half. This looks stupid but it's absolutely necessary for the sake
of fun. When your opponent is invisible you shouldn't be able to see them, and
when you try and hide the book an a room with 30 man-traps and a poison dart on
the door you don't want your enemy to know what you have planned.

You have to read the instructions to this game to understand what all the items
are and how to use them. It takes 5 minutes to read but my friends and I have
been playing this game for years in favour of the latest Playstation or PC
release because it's fun.

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